Who is Daddy?

About me and the why Dr Daddy Dollars.

I needed an outlet for the frustration I felt as a financial professional and an average person, as a responsible adult and as parent raising three young boys. I needed to vent about the people constantly complaining about how hard it is to make ends meet and get ahead and then spend their student loan money on I-phones, frappuccinos (it took me several tries to spell this) and Mexican holidays. Buying a brand new $50,000 car financed on credit but not being able to save a down payment for a home. I also felt that along with helping people understand and manage their money better, it made sense to start with the kids. I feel the best time to learn about money is early on in life and I feel that school doesn’t adequately prepare us well enough to deal with money.

Dr. Daddy Dollars will share his experiences raising kids with a focus on teaching kids and adults about money management from an early age. I also wanted to write down everything that I was thinking and organize it in a (semi) logical way so that my wife could better understand me and why I do the things I do. I do not believe that money belongs above everything else in this world but I do believe when money isn’t an issue it opens up the ability to be more focused on the things that matter most. For me that means family and spending more time with my kids. If we manage our money in an efficient way we can free our time to use as we chose rather than spending time working to generate income.

Many of the things I reference on this site occur in my own life. I will share experiences of myself and my family and pass on what I have learned. We are not perfect as a family but we have done pretty well. It is a matter of choice, but I believe that we can be financially independent in 5 years by the time I am 45. And if I can help others learn from our successes and mistakes I will have accomplished what I set out to do.


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