Who am I?

I am a 40-year-old father of three children and a loving wife. We have three young boys 6, 4 and 1. Full disclosure, I am not a medical doctor nor do I hold a doctorate but I am Dr. Daddy Dollars. You could say my hobby is creating efficiency with my finances. I love to constantly mold and refine our lives to bring us closer to financial independence. I also find many of the things I enjoy most lead to a happy, healthy and financially independent life. I love being outdoors, hiking, camping, running and doing anything active.


I started working when I was 14, working full time when I graduated high school and continued to work full time while I completed school. I spent most of my twenty’s and thirty’s enjoying life. I spent a year living and working in Asia and another year living and working in Europe. I was always good enough with my money that I was able to do the things that I wanted including traveling. I also made the mistake of buying(leasing) a brand new car at age 23. I then settled into my career and eventually began to earn good money. ¬†Bought a home, got a dog and started a family. Then began to increase my net worth. Along the way, I learned about investing and financial planning. I see how important these skills are and that I need to pass them along to my kids. In this medium, I hope I am also passing them on to many of you.

My father was raised by a single mother and had 2 other siblings. Life was tough for them. They moved from town to town looking for work and he learned to make every penny count. ” A penny saved is a penny earned” he would say. He was very odd in many ways and it took me a long time to understand why he acted the way he did. What he passed on to me were the skills to be able to manage my money in a way most people today don’t. I then took a keen interest in learning more about money management and worked in banking and financial planning for several years. This has allowed me to build a financially secure future for my family.